November 4, 2018

About Me

Sinem Eskin Doğan
Me 🙂

Hi, I am Sinem,

I was born in 1988 in Izmir, Turkey. I am an Industrial Engineer, gratuated from Koc University. After graduation, I was interested in Supply Chain and I went to University of East Anglia (located in UK), and completed my MSc Strategic Supply Chain Management degree. I am married and currently living in Istanbul.

I have been working since March, 2012. I had different experiences in three companies which were mostly specialized on production and retailing. I have production planning and management systems experiences before. I have experiences in project management for more than five years. Currently, I am an IT Process Management Specialist and I am happily working in this field more than 4 years.

I love technology. Even though my job does not require high tech skills, I like reading about it. Plus, I learned how to code. I am not sure why, maybe it is hype or maybe I am influenced by my family, I started to research on entrepreneurship.

Learning became an hobby for me. I tried learning new languages, and learning a language comes with discovering different cultures. I have got scholarships from Udacity. I took courses in Udemy. I had an urge to create something. I tried new things, I failed sometimes. I learned my lessons and moved on. I believe that, if I write a blog, I will research more. So I started writing a blog. 🙂

In my blog, I will mostly write about my interest which are technology, education, and entrepreneurship. I will also sometimes write about the places I see, the books I read, the movies I watched.

Enjoy reading my blog 🙂

PS: I am sorry about all typos and grammar mistakes in this blog. I am not a native speaker, and I do not force myself to make it perfect. I believe in communcation and sharing rather than perfection.