Google Assistant - OK Google - How to Develop?

Google Assistant – How to Design?

What is Google Assistant? What is Conversational Design? What are the elements to be considered during developing Google Assistant app? How shall I start developing? Will I make money? I wrote this content in Turkish a year ago. Till today, I have received good comments and messages on this blog post. I believe this information Read more about Google Assistant – How to Design?[…]

Conversational Business Summit Event 2019

How to Adapt to Conversational Business?

I have attended to the Conversational Business Summit event hosted by Sor’un and Userspots at the beginning of March. I have gained quite important knowledge about conversational business trends in this event. Conversational Business is an important trend for a while. Businesses and clients transfer their messages to each other real-time. During that moment, a Read more about How to Adapt to Conversational Business?[…]