2018 is Over…

I had a very good and full year. 2018 is over with good and bad memories and experiences. This year I became 30 years old.

The best day I have ever had was the day I got married. I was so excited and the wedding was really fun. The best thing was I had a great start for the rest of my life with my lovely husband.

Duğün Gunum
Wedding Day

We moved to our new house and emptied two houses. That was terribly had. However I loved our new home. Let the new home to become the beginning of out great memories.

I quit my previos job, and I started to the new one. I worked over 5 years in the previous company, quitting was quite hard. However the new beginning was good too. Leaving the comfort zone and starting a new adventure is quite hard, but increased my confidence. I still continue to meet my friends from the previous company.

For honeymoon, I visited the United States for the first time. I have been in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and San Diego. I went to the great Grand Canyon, and I had fun in Universal Studios like a kid.

Universal Studios
A day in Universal Studios

My education life was quite good. I was graduated from a Nanodegree with scholarship. I have completed another degrees scholarship challenge part also. I passed PMP exam and I have become a PMP. Moreover, I learned a bit of French.

I told to myself that I want to do something, and I got an online WordPress education. I bought my own domain and started to write blog again This time I am more determined to continue writing. Plus, I have started writing in English too besides Turkish. Actually this is my first English post 🙂

I could not read enough books as I wanted. I had read comedies and history in Turkish. I tried to discover the secrets of happiness and long life with Ikigai. I had a prejudice to Harry Potter novels before. I wanted to give a chance to Harry Potter novel and while reading I had a great journey.

Due to a tight schedule I could not go to gym enough. However with my husband I attended two races (Istanbul Half Marathon and Runatolio Marathon). I completed 10K in both races together with my husband while chatting.

İstanbul Yarı Maratonu
Istanbul Half Marathon

I continued to go to theater and watched movies. The best movie that I watched in the cinema in 2018 was Bohemian Rhapsody.

Bir Zamanlar Gazinoda
Turkish theater Bir Zamanlar Gazinoda

This was a summary of my 2018. I hope 2019 will be full of healty, joy and happiness. I  would like to spend more time with family and friends, I would like to read more, travel and discover more, and write more in this year. Have a great year!

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