Brugge – Romantic & Historical

A year ago, I went to Brugge with my husband. It was lovely, it was romantic. Full of history. Full of peace… If you have not visited yet, I strongly recommend you to visit Brugge and have magical moments.

Our trip was for two days (I wish it was longer). We mostly spend time at the city center, the parks and walking through the streets.

In this post, I share my top 3 landmarks, hotel review, transportation, and restaurants.

My Top Brugge Landmarks

The Markt

Brugge - Markt


Minnewaterpark - Brugge

Koningin Astridpark

Koningin Astridpark - Brugge

Accommodation in Brugge

In Brugge, most of the hotels are a bit historic (which means a bit old). Some people enjoy the historic atmosphere. I personally prefer clean and cosy. And I mostly prefer city center, becuase transportation becomes easy while sightseeing and it feels safe.

We stayed in Hotel Portinari and it satisfied all our needs, that I described above. The hotel is also close to both train and bus station, it is about 15 minutes by walking. Check out the location below.

If you prefer a historic atmosphere there are many options in Start searching now.


Mostly I buy my tickets before the vacation. The tickes are mostly cheaper if you buy them earlier. Plus, finding a vacant seat is easier.

Brugge does not have any airports, however, there is an airport at Bruxelles. If you plan a flight, you need to arrive at Bruxelles and travel to Brugge by bus, by train or by car. We used both bus and train.

We went to Brugge by bus from Lille (France). It was a 75 minutes drive by bus. The bus brand was Ouibas and the price was 7.90€ per person.

We returned from Brugge to Bruxelles by train. We used Go Euro. The ticket price per person was 10.20€.

Brugge Restaurants & Pubs

We did not stay for long, it was only a two days trip. However, we chose our favorite restaurant as Restaurant ‘t Bagientje. They were serving local food and it was delicious. Plus, the service was good. If you would like to eat there, I strongly recommend making a reservation. We were lucky that we found a table because the place was full when we had dinner there.

Brugge - Restaurant 't Bagientje
Me and my husband at Restaurant ‘t Bagientje

Belgium is quite popular with their chocolate. If you look for somewhere where you can eat, there are many stores. We ate at Choco-Holic, it was good.

Other restaurants and pubs we visited:

  • Nomad
  • Maison M
  • La Taverne Brugeoise
  • ‘t Santpoortje


If you decide to go to Belgium, Brugge is a must see city. Walking through the streets was especially a great experience in Brugge. We had a great time in Brugge and I hope you will have a great time too.